Why Use ViewPoint Polls?


Get the results of your poll instantly and in real time. Make important decisions based on what respondents indicate with their choices. This provides immediate key data to optimize your campaigns, studies, and business goals.


ViewPoint Polls provides many control selections for your polls. Including the number of times a respondent can answer, the poll start and end dates, ability to ask secondary questions to gather demograpics or related data, set the forwarding URL a respondent is sent to, and much more. **

Smart Messaging

Display dynamic after poll messages based on the choices respondents select. Excellent for further interaction, branding, marketing, and much more. ***

Poll Best Practices

Remove bias from polls

Bias in polls leads to unreliable results. It's easy for unintentional and unplanned bias to be in a poll. The first answer choice will likely get the most reponses. This leads to a skewed result. For example, a question of 'What is your favorite ice cream flavor?' may lead to a high number of the first answer choce being selected.
The solution for this is to have the answer choices shown in random order. We provide this feature as a selection in your poll setup.

Provide an 'out' answer choice

For example, with the 'What is your favorite ice cream flavor?' poll, answer choices could be vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and coffee. There is no choice for other flavors or even a selection for those who don't eat ice cream.
The solution in this example is to provide answer choices of 'a different flavor' and 'I don't eat ice cream'. In this manner there is an acceptable answer choice for everyone taking the poll.

Keep Questions Short

For example, 'Tell us what your favorite ice cream flavor is' has more words than needed to ask the question. The question should simply be 'What is your favorite ice cream flavor?'

Read more about poll best practices

ViewPoint Polls

We have been creating polls since the early 2000s. The software was originally developed for private clients. The first public use was for gathering polling data for the 2012 presidential election in the United States. We ended up being a go to data source for campaign run by Herman Cain, one of the presidential candidates.

ViewPoint Polls is spearheaded by Ken Bluttman, a business leader with roots in economics and data management.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a poll?

Makine a poll is easy! Just enter the poll question and at least 2 possible answers that a person can select from. The poll is live at that point. You then share the link to the poll so people can participate.

Can I hide the results from people

Yes. In the poll management screen you can select whether people do or do not see the results.

How do I see the results of my poll?

Inside your account you can see the results of the poll.

Can I export my poll?

Yes, with any of the paid plans

Can I decide who can answer my poll?

Yes, with any of the paid plans. You select to use an access code. People arriving at the poll will be asked to enter the access code.

Can I cancel my account?

Yes. All future payments will stop. The account stays active until the currently paid period is over.

What if I have more questions?

Click here to reach our support desk

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